Sunday, April 18, 2021

ready steady go

 so I have been collecting parts to revamp the Burley to very 2.0. 

where an I going:

1999 Burley Samba frame

Girvin Crosslink fork CaneCreek 110 Headset

wheels are Shimano tandem hubs on velocity rims with Bontrager 26"x2.3" rubber

the parts bucket is overflowing!

XT 8spd rapid fire shifters

XT brake levers (vBrake)

NOS XT 8spd cog set

RSX fron der

XT 10spd long cage rear Der

XT linkage vBrakes

Araia Drum Brake & Tandem East quick connect mounting for drum brake

Avid brake lever for the drum

RaceFace tandem crankset

Shimano SPD touring pedals

Burley replacement BB bearings

Jagwire Neon Green housing

new cables all around

new SRAM chains for drive line and timing 

plan to do everything to get us ready for the fall leaf peepers season of riding except the BB bearing replacement

Monday, July 27, 2020

working on the co motion

so I need to add a few things to the commotion soft ride to get her ready to get miles in

have to have the right goop for the right job

never installed drum

NOS Arai Drum Brake

clean threads waiting on the anti seize

Panaracer gravel kings slick in ltd addition olive green

35c installed could have gone to a 38

added a carbon drive belt timing system too!

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Co Motion

look what followed me home....

originally bought it to part out on the burley when I rebuild this winter but its just too dam nice
wound up forks, Hugi Hubs and a functional Ultegra Flight deck were the original draws. took my wife out on a test ride (yes with the cranks that far out of phase) and she seems to like this for road rides.
PO said his wife did not like the not in control on a tandem and he did not have anyone to ride with, he told me to replace the tire because they were the original from 2004 , all good stuff to hear
for your viewing pleasure
lets get her tuned and take her for a ride!

Myles Standish red route

as a last min ride Idea we went and tried the red route that we had never done.
everything you would expect for ma paved woodland ride in New England
Hairpins with hills right after them, trails with the corners full of wind blown pine needles, and Black Flies.
not only did we hit the higher gear combo on our return trip but also the lowest to climb hills
we will be back to do the other routes on the tandem, and possibly a roar ride on the ring road

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Upper Charles Gravel ride

So we went for a peaceful ride and found a hidden gem. Burley Bob handled the soft stuff great, stoker is still very happy with the Thudbuster. Still running the Deore Brakes out back and the Parallelogram XT vibrates up front. there is def a difference
We rode from the parking lot on Rt85 to Blair Square, they were showing construction work ahead.
We stopped and had a coffee (me) and a dirty chai (her) and then trekked on back.

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Sunday, June 28, 2020

wompy ride report

Well we took Burley bob out to Wompatuck Forest for a run on their green ways, 7 1/2 miles and here is the feed back on the upgrades I have done
Thudbuster St
many thumbs up from my stoker, her response is she wants one on her urban bike (2018 Specialized Sirius Carbon)

So I updated/upgrades the brakes after cleaning both brake surfaces on the rims with aMr Clean Magic Eraser then rubbing alcohol 
the fronts were the XT Parallel Push Brake with the Two color Kool Stop pads and an Old Brake Booster.
the rears were mid level Deore with stock black pads

I think the fronts worked so well I wonder if they actually are better than the TRP Disc Brakes on my wife's bike.
I will be doing the same brakes on the rear, since they work so well.

Where we rode today - and beat the rain!
Wompy -

Friday, June 26, 2020

new goodies for the samba (Burley Bob)

So I am updating the Brakes from Deore to XT Parallelogram Vbrakes with Kool Stop Salmon Pads. 
The mail man rang the door to drop off my stokers Thudbuster seat post too. Someone is going to much happier on the rough pavement